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1911-1925The history of the company began a long time ago. In 1911 about 6 kilometers far from Rybinsk along the Uglicheskij highway on the bank of the Korovka-river was built a paper mill belonging to the merchants Bereznyakov and Sokolov. For the first time the mill specialized on producing cigarette paper and paper for the pharmaceutical needs. 1925-1945

After the Revolution the mill was nationalized and renamed in «Iskra Octyabrya». In 1925 it was organized the producing of the bundling paper and in 7 years the factory coped with the color paper, cover paper and grey wrapping paper.

At the beginning of The Great Patriotic War the company added to the wide range of its products the camouflaging paper disappearing in the sunlight. In 1945-1950 the mill produced open-reel paper, interlayer and thermo^-insulating cartoon. Subsequently the main products of the company became different types of the protective paper.

By the 1970 it was arranged the application of the bitumen as a main inhibitor in producing an anticorrosive paper in the Rybinsk company.

Because of the organizational & technical measures carried out in the factory it began to manufacture new types of the products:
- BKK cable crepe paper;
- anticorrosive inhibitor paper; — steam- and waterproof paper.

In 1996 paper mill was reorganized into the Joint Stock Company «Tehnicheskaya Bumaga».

J.S.C. «Tehnicheskaya Bumaga» entered the XXI century having had a steady economic position, constantly growing broad assortment of producing wares, competent collective and therefore well founded plans for the future developing.

The paramount task for our collective always was and is staying now in supplying the high quality of the products. There is a well - equipped laboratory in the company. Its main tasks are a constant inspection of compliance of our products to the prescribe standards and work at the diversification and improving of the quality.

At present J.S.C. «Tehnicheskaya Bumaga» is one of the leading Russian producers of the technical paper available for the packing, storing and protection the industrial products from the atmospheric precipitation and corrosion.

The products of the company are in requisition in many regions of the Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States. Having private railway siding our company carry out the load itself using different means of transport including the railway transport (for container and coach delivery).

152973, РОССИЯ, Ярославская область, Рыбинский район, поселок «Искра Октября», ул. Молодежная, 20
Email: mail@techbum.ru